City of Kapustin Yar- Znamensk

The arms of city of Znamensk It is the same street, but through a time interval in three ten years... While traveling along the line connecting Astrakhan and Volgograd, you may notice, after about one hundred or so kilometers, that over the overgrown brush and prairie the horizon of a small town to begins to appear. This town is Znamensk, city of rocketry specialists.


During the first year of existence, the city grew very slowly. Most of the building materials were mainly used for various launching facilities of rockets. But even so people understood that they had the task of defending their country. The first residents for rocketry specialists were manly dugouts, tents and at the very best, in a village near by, mud/clay huts.

Houses, a barracks, office buildings have been started in 1951 only. Names of the first streets in the city speak about much: Field, New, Steppe, Tatar, Artillery. Every year houses had been completing, constructed up to date of that time projects. Made of stone houses with two floors became determining in architecture of city of 50-60 years.

The hard work and perseverance of the towns people gradually came into accomplishment in Kapustin Yar. Street of green grass and thousands of planted tress's surrounded parks, houses, barracks and soldiers dining rooms. Each inhabitant from the solders and first year
student, to the general, elderly and retired, each had their own personal tree to look after and maintain.

As the city grew from year to year-new development were added. Apartment houses, hotels shops officers
privet quotes, cinemas, cafes and restaurants were popping up everywhere. In 1962 the small town of
Znamensk clamed the title of City, with a mailing post of Kapustin Yar-1. The founders of the town, Voznjuk
Vasily Ivanovich and Edsky Leonid Pavlovich were the general and mayor, respectively.

V.I.Voznjuka's tomb in city park

   The work of city officials and administrators basically consisted in the development and expansion
of well being of the inhabitants of the town..


Monument to verifiers in city park At the end of the 1980's the city began to put up new housing, a new district was formed and as a comic relief was named "prostokvashino".

On July 14, 1992 the city of Znamensk received a closed administrative-territorial status in the region of Astrakhan. On December 8, 1996 the elected representation authority - city representation Assembly in structure of 11 deputies and agency of authority - Administration ZATO. The Charter closed administratively - territorial education of October
25, 1996 is registered Znamensk.

Kind on the House Of Officers from height of the bird's flight
The president of the Russian federation, Boris N Yeltsin, on May 10th, 1996, congratulated the city of Znamensk on their 50 year anniversary, during which he proceeded to hand out the state award. In his honor the city put up a tribune constructed from a single peace of red Finnish brick, on which, regretfully the
president had never risen.

Being a young city, the arithmetic mean for an inhabitant is 35 years of age, there for a third of the population is children. Special care and education there for is provided by the administrative in the
area, thus giving parents the freedom to work.

The city market
For the smallest city dwellers, 21-day care areas were set up caring for about 3000 of them. On September 1st the school doors open letting in 6,500 pupils from grades 1-11. The oldest out of the available 6 schools was the N232.

   In 1992 began the creation of the youngest school, school N236. Vladimir Il'ich Korotkov has turned this school from an everyday school to a prestigious school of higher learning (temple of knowledge).


Monument to the first start-up on entrance to city
For children in city there are "circles" on the interests. Working in the Center of creativity young and at condo association, art, sports and musical schools. In a number of schools new forms of training are also available, at school N234 the technical lyceum from the Volgograd technical university operates, at school N235 - a pedagogical class from the Astrakhan pedagogical university, at school N236 - a class from construction academy of city of Volgograd. In 1991 the citys branch of the Astrakhan pedagogical university opened as well.


Among the different constructions the hospital complex is allocated with severity and silence. The military
hospital, the oldest medical institution where today it is possible to receive all kinds of the qualified medical aid uses commonly. For this purpose there is qualified medical personnel with a wide range experience and appropriate technical maintenance. Simultaneously the hospital can with hold hospitalization for more than 500 persons, unlike the city hospital, that can hold up to 350 hospitalizations. Despite of rather heavy financial
problems of the city, new constructions in the city hospital, of the food curt and laundry room have begun. The military hospital has fine farms, which enable a variety of food to feed patients.


The attention and a problem of rest of city dwellers Is paid. The sports complex is accepted daily more than 500 person. In well equipped halls of struggle, heavy athletics, game, gymnastic - any interested person can be engaged in the kind of sports grown fond to it(him) freely. In pool of a complex always it is populous. In stadium competitions on track and field athletics and noisy football fights will be carried out(spent). On open volleyball and basketball platforms, tennis courts at any time year is not present lack of visitors.

Memorial with a memorial plate S.P. Korolyov

  Bust S.P. KorolyovTo enrich the lives of the city people, the city built a sports complex, which serves more than 500 people everyday. It is well equipped with, a fighting/wrestling room, and heavy athletics, game, gymnastic any sport one may desire to engage in. In the complex the pool is always popular. The stadium also has a track and field for various athletics, for noisy football battles. When open the volleyball/basketball platforms and tennis courts never have a lack of visitor.
Few years back a new digital city automatic telephone exchange came from the company Siemens. The city is inside one of cells of a cellular telephone grid of
standard GSM-900. In the last few years a satellite TVstation was opened.

The history of the military base and the city areintertwined. This is very evident in the naming of streets: Voznyuk, Yangel, Korolyov, Nilovskiy, the
Square of Veterans, in V.I. Voznjuk and S.P. Korolyov monuments..

   The city inhabitants are very proud of the history behind them and serve there city well in helping out veterans and all those who help built this original
city, from a small steppe territory on a lonely prairie to a modern and sophisticated rocket complex.

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